indignation scorebook

Original book design for Indignation’s Original Motion Picture Score, composed by Jay Wadley. Indignation was adapted and directed by James Schamus and will be released in theaters July 29th by Lionsgate and Roadside Films. 

"The story of Marcus Messner, a whip-smart working-class Jewish boy who moves to Ohio to attend a conservative college, 'Indignation' is a coming-of-age story set in the early 1950s. Against the backdrop of the Korean War, Marcus explores his first romance on a campus that often clashes with the cultural liberation he desires.” - Rolling Stone Magazine. The film’s structure explores the notion that we are all connected and every event and seemingly small decision determines our ultimate destiny.

The orchestrated design that wraps the cover visually captures the emotion that unfolds in the film, both in maturity and in time. Parallel to the narrative, you become witness to the movement that takes you through life, beginning at one stage and place, morphing though a series of moments and decisions, until you finally find yourself at the other end, reflective, transformed and poised.